Oxygen Trust is a United Kingdom registered company. Our vision is to generate oxygen through sustainable reforestation and to promote the widespread usage of renewable energy. We are very efficient at what we do.

Imagine a better future for your children and grandchildren. You want them to inherit a world where the environment has not been destroyed by irresponsible eco-system mismanagement, where the atmosphere still contains the same level of oxygen, and the harmful gases are reduced to more acceptable levels.

Let's face facts: We are living in an irreversibly industrialised world. It's irrational to think that the existing myriad of personal electronic devices and power hungry industrial machinery will be scuttled or decreased in numbers. The vast majority of this equipment draws power from environmentally harmful energy sources. Our aim is to achieve a reversal of the harmful effects created by the energy generation industries through reforestation.

This is why we work in partnership with leading companies and corporations - and with you as an individual - to help offset the carbon-dioxide emissions and oxygen depletion which is generated by human activity. If together, we only manage to reverse a fraction of a percentage of the environmentally harmful effects of carbon-dioxide emissions, we are still helping to heal the eco-system. More specifically, the regeneration of tropical forests, which directly generate oxygen into the atmosphere and capture the carbon, has further benefits of restoring water basins within our forests, giving refuge to the local fauna and wildlife, employing local residents and generating long-term investment income for our members who support our cause.

Please feel free to inform and educate yourself by browsing through our web site to evaluate how Oxygen Trust can help you and how you can help us which will turn out in the long run as a win-win situation.



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